heritage & conservation

An Exceptional Service Built on Trust and Integrity

heritage & conservation

An Exceptional Service Built on Trust and Integrity

Heritage & Conservation

With over 35 years of experience, our heritage specialists approach projects comprehensively, encompassing both the restoration of existing structures and the integration of new facilities. We are well-versed in the language of conservation and boast multiple Conservation Accredited Engineers (CARE).
Working on historic buildings with sensitivity is not just a task but a calling, acquired through unwavering dedication. We also recognise that conservation involves adeptly managing change, breathing new life into buildings through innovative solutions.
Our Engineers excel at designing solutions for issues ranging from the simple to the most challenging.  We are comfortable adopting pioneering materials, when appropriate, demonstrated in projects such as the Royal Brighton Pavilion. We specialise in revitalising historical sites with modern amenities, which is illustrated in our work at Polesden Lacey for the esteemed National Trust.

Conservation Accreditation Register of Engineers (CARE) Services

Our commitment to excellence shines through our Conservation Accreditation Register of Engineers (CARE) services. As a leading structural engineering firm, we specialise in providing accredited solutions that preserve, protect and enhance our architectural heritage.

We understand the unique needs of historic buildings and the importance of maintaining their architectural and structural integrity. Our CARE accredited engineers work closely with clients to assess, plan and execute structural solutions that seamlessly blend modern engineering with heritage preservation.

Our approach to CARE services is driven by meticulous research, innovative design and a profound respect for cultural heritage. We employ state-of-the-art technology, where required, and industry best practices to ensure that historic structures are sympathetically restored and their already significant life is extended.

Heritage Appraisals, Inspections and Reporting

Our team of experienced structural engineers specialise in assessing, inspecting and reporting on heritage structures. We conduct meticulous heritage appraisals to evaluate the historical context, architectural features and structural integrity of heritage buildings. Our inspections delve into the finest details, ensuring that the essence of the past is preserved.

Our comprehensive reporting services provide a clear understanding of the condition of heritage structures, highlighting areas of concern and recommendations for preservation, restoration, or adaptive reuse. We place a strong emphasis on effective communication, ensuring that all stakeholders are well-informed and aligned with the preservation goals.

Heritage Intervention and Preservation

Our team of expert CARE accredited structural engineers specialise in assessing, planning and executing the preservation efforts of heritage structures. We carefully evaluate historical context, architectural significance and structural conditions to develop innovative and sensitive solutions that honour the past.

Our interventions are guided by meticulous research and creative design, ensuring that heritage structures remain resilient and functional for generations to come. We prioritise adaptive reuse, restoration and conservation techniques that breathe new life into historic landmarks while respecting their unique character.

Drawings and Sketches

Our Heritage drawing and sketch services are dedicated to celebrating the architectural beauty and historical significance of heritage buildings.

Our team of skilled engineers excel in creating detailed and authentic heritage drawings and sketches. We painstakingly research and study the architectural nuances, historical context and structural intricacies of heritage buildings to produce accurate representations.