Harlaxton Manor, Grantham

Steeped in unique architectural history, Harlaxton Manor was constructed in 1831 by wealthy Nottinghamshire businessman, Gregory Gregory. The Manor’s spectacular architecture combines Gothic, Jacobethan and Baroque styles.

The late 19th century four acre enclosed walled garden is Grade II* listed and located as you approach the Manor along its dramatic main driveway. It is one of the largest and most unique in Britain. Its uniqueness is down to Gregory being inspired by other gardens, utilising polyonal walls and compartments to capture sun, heated walls and heated and ventilated greenhouses allowing the growth of exotic fruits and vegetables.

The manor now forms part of Harlaxton College and through funding is enabling the re-establishment of the Walled Garden and repurposing the Gardener’s Cottage to provide restaurant and shop facilities. Currently about to move to detailed design, the project involves minor adaptions to the existing historic structure along with new educational facilities for the College and public.


Harlaxton College


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