Maidstone Hospital Barn Theatres

The Barns Theatre project involved the construction of a new stand alone structure to house three ‘open plan’ operating theatres and ancillary rooms including a recovery suite, day patient wards and support rooms, X-ray rooms and recovery wards.

The building is a single storey structure with extensive plant room facilities at roof level in an enclosed plant room.

The geology of the site is susceptible to sink or swallow holes from wash out of the chalk at depth below the site. In common with most other buildings on site, the foundations have been designed as a raft foundation with upstand stiffening beams/walls as shown in the images. The slabs and stiffening beams are designed to span across localised wash out of the foundations under the structure.

CTP have carried out detailed design of the foundation and below ground drainage to accommodate the modular building that sits on and spans onto the concrete upstand beams/walls of the raft foundation.


Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust


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